JEWbilation - Celebrate the Joys of Judaism Around the World - Calendar

This year our theme at B'nai Amoona is JEWbilaton. It is an all-encompassing theme that will impact every aspect of Shul life. Drawing upon the diversity which makes up the worldwide Jewish Community, we will consciously and intentionally endeavor to expand our horizons. We will seek to hear the melodies, taste the delicacies, appreciate the wisdom, assimilate the insights, and understand the perspectives of Jews from around the world. In so doing, we will hopefully come to better appreciate the beauty and profundity that emerge only when we familiarize ourselves with the diversity that makes up our worldwide Jewish Community.

Friday, May 26

6:00 pm

Harif Shabbat & Dinner

Featuring Turkish/Kurdish Delicious Food & Delightful Melodies!

Reservations are closed. We look forward to seeing you tonight!