Gesher Seminar

Shabbat Morning Gesher

10:30am – 12:00pm in the Main Sanctuary
12:15pm – 1:30pm Gesher lunch and discussion in Hieken Conference Room

High School juniors and seniors are invited to join our Senior Rabbi for an in-depth and multilayered exploration of our annual Congregation B’nai Amoona theme - Jewbilation: The Celebration of Jewish Spiritual, Cultural, Intellectual, Religious and National Diversity. Sources for consideration, discussion and debate will be drawn from the Bible, Rabbinic literature, Kabbalistic sources as well as contemporary philosophical and psych-spiritual writings. These gatherings are geared at preparing our young adults for their college and beyond and encounters and experiences.

August 20
September 24
October 1
November 5

 December 3
January 21
February 4
March 4

April 1
May 6
May 13

Sunday Evening Gesher

5:30pm – 7:00pm    Dinner and Discussion

11th grade with Avital
12th grade with Andy

September 11

Can we text Torah?

Can we update its status on Facebook?  What's the last tweet we have made about Torah?  Have we taken a picture of Torah for Snapchat? Instagram?  Is it relevant in a world with advanced technology?  These questions and more will serve as the basis for our discussion and how we understand the notion of Torah in our everyday lives.

October 9

BDS: Understanding and Combatting Anti-Zionism on Campus

The Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanction movement is sweeping college campuses across the country and the world. Tonight we come together to learn about ideologies behind this polarizing movement. We will also discover the organizations that are working to combat Anti-Israel campaigns.

November 13

Jewish Values in Depth: Chinuch, Klal Yisrael, Halachah U’mesorah and Kavod

A deep conversation of the Jewish values of education and study, community, Jewish life and traditions and respect/honor.

December 11

Technology and your Judaism

Would someone know you are Jewish by looking at your Facebook page or other social media profile?  How Jewish is your profile?  Is it purposefully not?  Do you purposely put Jewish things on?  Do you purposely leave them off?  Would you change it after this conversation?

January 8

Hugging and Wrestling with Israel

We welcome our Alumni to share their stories of Jewish life on campus and things you should think about when applying to college.

February 12

A Mezuzah on Your Room: Defining your Jewish Self on Campus

What is your person Jewish action plan as you consider, or leave for, college? What will you take in your Jewish suitcase?

March 12

Keeping the Faith

The Gesher Theatre opens for a showing of this film.  Discussion follows the movie.  How do I connect to this film?  What parts do I question?  How do I define faith?

April 9

Judaism for the next stage of my life

As you move away from the childhood/adolescent stage of your life, how does Judaism keep up? What is Judaism for adults? As you continue to grow and develop intellectually in the secular work, how do you continue to also grow and develop in the Jewish word?

May 6

Honoring Seniors

We will honor the seniors, before the B’nai Amoona congregation, with an Aliyah to the Torah during our Shabbat morning service.

May  - TBD

Senior Goodbye

Details to follow