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SELICHOT – Saturday, September 17
8:00 pm: Pre-Selichot discussion with Dr. Arnie Eisen
9:00 pm: Selichot snacks and refreshments
9:30 pm: Our moving Selichot Service

EREV ROSH HASHANAH – Sunday, September 25
6:15 pm: Evening Services

ROSH HASHANAH I – Monday, September 26
9:00 am: Shacharit
9:00 am: Youth Experiences
9:30 am: Torah Service
10:00 am: Torah for Today with Rabbi Neal Rose
10:15 am: Musaf
11:00 am: Sermonette by Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose
11:20 am: Family Blessing on the Bimah followed by our Shofar Service

4:45 pm: Classic Tashlich & Shofar Blasts at the pond
5:45 pm: Meditative Tashlich & Shofar Blasts in the Guller Chapel              6:15 pm: Minchah & Ma’ariv

ROSH HASHANAH II – Tuesday, September 27
9:00 am: Creative Shacharit: Davening Out of the Box
9:00 am: Youth Experiences
9:30 am: Torah Service
9:30 am: ROSH U - Alternative Program with Raquel Scharf, Head of Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School, Brian Herstig,St. Louis Jewish Federation CEO, and Rabbi Neal & Rebbetzin Carol Rose
10:15 am: Musaf
11:00 am: Special Rosh Hashanah Greetings from Brian Herstig
11:20 am: Family Blessing on the Bimah followed by our Shofar Service

7:00 pm: Evening Services for the end of Yontiff

Wednesday, September 28
This fast commemorates the assassination of Gedaliah Ben Achikam, the Governor of Judah, after the destruction of the First Temple, which  marked the end of any hope that a sovereign Jewish Government would survive.
7:00 am: Shacharit
6:15 pm: Minchah & Ma’ariv

SHABBAT SHUVAH (The Shabbat of Repentance)
6:00 pm: Friday, September 30
9:00 am: Saturday, October 1
6:00 pm: Afternoon/Evening Services & Havdalah

FAMILY APPLE PICKING – Sunday, October 2, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Join us at Eckert’s Millstadt Fun Farm! We will have our own tent with Rosh Hashanah activities and all you’ll  need to pick your apples.

KEVER AVOT & SHEMOT – Sunday, October 2, 10:30 am
Pre-Yontif Visitation to the Burial Places of our Ancestors & Teachers    

KOL NIDREI – Tuesday, October 4
4:30 pm: Intergenerational Service
6:00 pm: Minchah
6:15 pm: Musical Prelude
6:30 pm: Kol Nidrei Service followed by Arvit
8:20 pm: Sermonette by Rabbi Jeffrey Abraham

Yom Kippur tealight candles will be available to light at Shul in our beautiful Gallery.

YOM KIPPUR – Wednesday, October 5
9:00 am: Shacharit
9:15 am: Youth Experiences
10:00 am: Torah Service
10:30 am: Musaf
11:00 am: Sermonette by Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose
11:30 am: Yizkor
12:30 pm: Healing Service
1:00 pm: Recess
2:15 pm: A Moment of Intimacy with the Divine
3:00 pm: Schmooze with Rabbi Neal & Carol Rose
4:00 pm: Minchah
5:15 pm: Neilah, Ma’ariv, Havdalah & Sounding of the Shofar
7:08 pm: Yom Kippur Ends


EREV SUKKOT SERVICES – Sunday, October 9
9:00 am: Sukkah City: Congregational Sukkot Program
6:15 pm: Adult Night in the Sukkah Service & Dinner
6:15 pm: Evening Service

SUKKOT I – Monday, October 10
9:00 am & 6:15 pm: Services
10:00 am: Family Sukkot Experience during Services

SUKKOT II – Tuesday, October 11
9:00 am & 6:15 pm: Services
3:00 pm: Snacks in the Sukkah at Rabbi Jeffrey Abraham’s Home

SUKKOT III – Wednesday, October 12
7:00 am & 6:15 pm: Services

SUKKOT IV – Thursday, October 13
7:00 am & 6:15 pm: Services
7:30 pm: Young Couples Night Out in the Sukkah

SUKKOT V – Friday, October 14
7:00 am: Services
6:00 pm: Shabbat & Sukkot Services, followed by BA Dinner in the Hut: All Congregational Sukkot Dinner

SUKKOT VI – Saturday, October 15
9:00 am & 5:30 pm: Services
7:00 pm: Men’s Club Scotch in the Sukkah

HOSHANAH RABBAH – Sunday, October 16
Hoshanah Rabbah is the last day of the season of
repentance, and incorporates spiritual and visceral rituals, as well as joyous singing and dancing. On Rosh Hashanah the decree is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed - but there is always one more chance.

9:00 am: Shacharit followed by a festive breakfast

6:15 pm: Sunday, October 16
9:00 am: Monday, October 17
10:30 am: Yizkor (approx)

SIMCHAT TORAH – Monday, October 17
4:45 pm: Pre-Simchat Torah Family Celebration
5:00 pm: Minchah
5:15 pm: Pre-Simchat Torah Dinner
6:00 pm: Ma’ariv & Hakafot

Tuesday, October 18
9:00 am: Simchat Torah Services
9:45 am: Hakafot & Special Kiddush to Honor the 
Bride & Groom of the Torah
6:15 pm: Minchah & Ma’ariv
7:15 pm: Havdalah

Sun, December 4 2022 10 Kislev 5783