Madrichim (Teen Assistants)

Our Madrichim are amazing! Madrichim are the teenage assistants who work in our classes, shadow our students and assist in our office and resource room. They work one on one and with small groups, lead classroom activities and are amazing dugmaot, role models.

Our Madrichim program keeps our teens connected, involved and role modeling. It provides them with job skills that they can take to college and a refresher of their Jewish knowledge. It provides our students a whole group of “cool” teenagers for them to look up to and learn from, and it allows our student-teacher ratio in our K-7th grade classrooms to be around one to five.

Teenagers who are interested in applying to be a madrich/a should contact Avital. B’nai Amoona teenagers are eligible to be Madrichim on Sundays (when their own class is not in session) and Tuesdays. Madrichim receive a salary and training. Additionally, we teach them that in order to be a true role model, they must be continuing learners themselves. Therefore, all of our Madrichim are enrolled in some form of Jewish education.

We love our Madrichim!