What to Expect

The prayer experience at B’nai Amoona is traditional and accessible.  Our standard prayer language is Hebrew, and we strongly encourage praying from the heart, no matter the familiarity with the traditional prayer language.

We call pages from the Siddur Lev Shalem and Etz Hayim Chumash.   These publications of the Conservative Movement are the tools we use for communal prayer and study.  We also have our own publication Siddur Penina.  Siddur Penina is fully transliterated for those who would like to chant along with the Hebrew words, but do not know yet how to read Hebrew.

Our Cantor sets the musical tone for the service.  We mix traditional and well-known tunes with new tunes.  Our ideal is that the entire congregation participates in creating soul-elevating prayer through music.   You can learn some of our congregational melodies here.

During our full Torah reading, we often have the opportunity to celebrate special occasions.  We rejoice together as a congregation for special birthdays and anniversaries, upcoming weddings, trips to Israel and of course, B’nai Mitzvah.

Concurrent with the Torah reading, is an in depth discussion on the reading, led by a B’nai Amoona Rabbi.  We connect the ancient text to modern issues each week.

Our services draw to a close with a sermon that guides us to deeper understandings of our texts and our lives.

Following the service is a delicious meal we call Kiddush.  We schmooze and eat and enjoy the spirit of Shabbat!