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Erev Tishah B’Av – Shabbat - July 21, 2018
7:30 pm    Shabbat Minchah Service 
8:15 pm    Seudah Shlisheet and Introduction to Tishah B’Av:  Modern Day Kinot (Elegies)
*Please note this will be a “full meal” so that we are all prepared for the Fast Day which will begin at the conclusion of Shabbat.
8:45 pm    Ma’ariv for Tishah B’Av with Megillat Eichah (Lamentations) and Kinot (Elegies)

Tishah B’Av – Sunday, July 22, 2018
9:00 am    Shacharit Service without Tallit and Tefillin
    Special Torah Reading, Haftarah, & Megillat Eichah 
6:15 pm    Minchah Service with Tallit and Tefillin
    Special Torah Reading and Haftarah
7:00 pm    Tishah B’Av Movie & Discussion with Rabbi Orrin Krublit
    The Legacy of Tragedy: Reliving Trauma
8:15 pm    Ma’ariv Service and the conclusion of Tishah B’Av
8:51 pm    End of the fast & light refreshments

Tishah B'Av at B’nai Amoona is generously sponsored by 
Dr. Bruce Frank & Enid Weisberg-Frank and Family - Todah Rabbah!

Fri, March 22 2019 15 Adar II 5779