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I am so excited that summer 2021, my second summer as camp director,  is quickly approaching! This past year has been full of many, many challenges but better times are coming! Last summer, we had an incredibly successful shorter version of camp. Our counselors and campers did a fantastic job adapting to the new world that we now live in and the result was a fantastic summer full of fun, ruach, and lots of smiles (underneath masks of course!) 

This summer, we are taking all of the things that we learned from last summer and making camp even better! Please know that the safety of our campers and counselors is our utmost priority and is always at the forefront of our minds as we make plans. We will all continue to be flexible as we approach the summer.

Please join us June 21- August 6 for Ramot Amoona 2021!

Kyla Gersten
Ramot Amoona Camp Director 

Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782