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 The Yad Squad is our incentive program for young Torah readers, generously funded by the Ed and Rita Balk TNT (Torah, Nussach, Tefillah) fund. Membership is attained on a yearly basis by helping lead our services at least five times from Shavuot to Shavuot. All five can be Torah reading or a combination of Torah reading and up to two times leading a service. When a student gains membership into the Yad Squad they receive $100.00 from the TNT fund. We are committed to the program as a way to cultivate committed Torah readers and service leaders and to let our young people know they are valued in the ritual life of our congregation.

Yad Squad, June 2019 (2018 – 2019):  From Shavuot to Shavuot

1st year:  Ariela Grad, Etan Meir, Daniel Meir, Mollie Nathanson, Shiloh Roash, Ayden Simckes, Talia Wallerstein, Dani Wasserman, Halle Wasserman

2nd year:  Tamir Armoza, Ellior Rose, Stephen Rosenberg, Alyssa Smith, David Smith 

3rd year:  Nate Rosenberg, Charlie Rosenzweig

4th year:  Levi Rose 



Thu, December 9 2021 5 Tevet 5782