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At the Meyer Kranzberg Learning Center,  we mold and shape the Jewish future for grades Pre-K through 12. Students enjoy studying Judaism and Hebrew while connecting to their Jewish heritage and community. Families come together to celebrate the beauty of Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and Jewish study.

Our students address the topics of Hebrew, Holidays, Israel, Tanakh, Values, Histroy and T'fillot in all grades at increasing levels of sophistication in order to achieve deeper levels of meaning and understanding. Our student thrive in our interactive classes which honor multiple styles of learning. We embrace 21st Century Jewish educational principles in all grades and strive to create valuable and memorable experiences for our children and their families.

After their B’nai Mitzvah year, our students enter our high school program. 8th, 9/10 (Habonim) grades meet once a week on Sunday mornings from 10-noon. We also welcome teens who did not complete our early grades but would like to come and learn with us.

We know that strong Jewish friendships in the teen years makes a difference in how connected and involved to Judaism a person is as an adult. We also understand that our teens want to be engaged, challenged and involved in their learning. Our classes provide engaging educational opportunities packed with hands on learning opportunities and built in social time.

The Meyer Kranzberg Learning Center, B'nai Amoona's religious school is not the Hebrew school you remember!



*Unless otherwise noted, Sundays for MKLC are from 9 to 11:30 for Prek- 8th  and 11:45- 1:00 for 9th and 10th . Gesher is on Sundays from 5 to 7pm.

September 2019

Sunday 8th: MKLC Opening Day PreK- 8th  for both students and adults 9:00 to 11:30 am followed by picnic

Tuesday 10th MKLC Tuesday Opening Day

Sunday 15th:  MKLC And Opening Day 9th and 10th 

Tuesday 17th

Sat 21st- Sunday 22nd:  4th Grade Havdalah Overnight

Sunday 22:  MKLC and 4th Grade Field Trip

Tuesday 24th

October 2019

Saturday 5th:  2nd and 3rd Program Shabbat Program 11am to 12:00 pm

**Sunday 13th: ALL MKLC will attend in afternoon from 4 pm through Dinner and Services

Sunday 20th  7th Grade Field Trip to Micah’s Bar Mitzvah

***Monday 21st:  Simchat Torah Celebration that evening/ MKLC will come at 4 through Dinner and Simchat Torah

Sunday 27th

Tuesday 29th

November 2019

Saturday 2nd: 2nd and 3rd Grade Shabbat Program

Sunday 3rd:  MKLC and 1st Grade Family Program

Tuesday 5th

Thursday 7-10th  Confirmation DC Trip

Sunday 10th: MKLC and Gesher 5 to 7pm

Tuesday 12th:  MKLC

Sunday 17th: MKLC

Tuesday 19th: MKLC

Saturday 23-24th:  6th Grade Havdalah Overnight

Sunday 24th:  MKLC and 6th Grade Parent Program

                        6th Grade Field Trip

December 2019

Tuesday 3:  MKLC

Saturday 7th:  2nd and 3rd grade Family Shabbat Program 11-12

Sunday 8th:  MKLC

Tuesday 10th:  MKLC

Saturday 14th: Consecration

Sunday 15th:  Latke Day in MKLC  and Gesher 5 to 7pm

Tuesday 17th: MKLC

January 2020

Tuesday 7th:     MKLC

Friday 10th:  1st and 2nd grade family Shabbat dinner

Saturday 11-12th:  3rd Grade overnight

Sunday 12th: MKLC and Gesher 5 to 7pm

                        3rd Grade Field Trip

Tuesday 14th:  MKLC


Tuesday 21st:  MKLC

Sunday 26th: MKLC

Tuesday 28th: MKLC

February 2020

Saturday 1st:  2nd and 3rd Grade Shabbat Program

Sunday 2nd:  MKLC and World Wide Wrap

Tuesday 4th:

Sunday 9th: MKLC

4th Grade Family Program/ Tu B’shevat

Gesher 5 to 7pm

Tuesday 11th

Tuesday 18th:

February 22-23: 5th Grade overnight

Sunday 23rd:  MKLC and  5th Grade Field Trip

Tuesday 25th

Friday 28th:  5th and 6th Grade Shabbat Dinner

March 2020

Sunday 1st:  MKLC 3rd Grade Kabbalat HaSiddur Program 10 to 11:30, and Gesher 5 to 7pm

Tuesday 3rd

Saturday 7th:  2nd and 3rd Grade Shabbat Program

Sunday 8th:  Purim Carnival  and we will have MKLC  from 9 to 11

Tuesday 24

Friday 27th:  3rd and 4th Grade Shabbat Dinner

Sunday 29th: MKLC and 5th Grade Family Program 10 to 11:30

Tuesday 31st

April 2020

Saturday 4th:  2nd and 3rd Grade Shabbat Program

Sunday 5th:  MKLC 6th Grade Parent Program 10 to 11:30, Gesher 5 to 7pm

Tuesday 14th:  MKLC

Sunday 19th; MKLC and 3rd Grade B’nai Mitzvah Date Program 10 to 11:30

Tuesday 21st

Sunday 26th:

Tuesday 28th

May 2020

Friday 1st:  Confirmation 6:00- 8pm

Saturday 2nd:  2nd and 3rd Grade Shabbat Program

Sunday 3rd:  Last Day of MKLC 9 to 11:00 am

Tuesday 12th: Lag B’omer Picnic  5:30 pm







Fri, May 29 2020 6 Sivan 5780