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Our Classrooms

Our class environments are divided by ages. We place emphasis on developmental readiness versus age to encourage each child is where he/she is going to have the most success. Imagination, curiosity and creativity are stimulated when preschoolers explore the outside world. 

We believe the foundation of Judaism and its traditions are built for children and their families during the preschool years. Our children experience Hebrew language throughout their curriculum as they develop.

Infant Class (6 weeks - 1 year),
Butterflies (Kitah Parparim)

Our teachers spend lots of time cuddling and talking to your baby to instil trust and provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration, and communication.

Our play area is filled with opportunities to urge the development of cognitive, fine and gross motor, socialization and language skill. Our Parent Educator Specialist (PES) works with our parents to provide child developmental knowledge to encourage balance of home and school.


Together they develop the child's daily schedule including nap times, play times and bottle times.

Toddler Class (1-2 year olds), Fish (Kitah Dagim)

 Here, chil­dren dip their toes in water­col­ors, poke their fin­gers in clay, and dig the earth. The Toddler Program encourages your child’s natural curiosity in a fun and active learning environment. Teachers plan daily activities both indoors and out to encourage eager investigation of the world.

Goals include: development of socialization and independence in a nurturing environment, and integration of family and school within a Jewish context. Additionally, we explore the world through the senses including, art, nature and music using both fine and gross motor skills.

2-3 year olds, Duck Class (Kitah Barvaz)

Sur­rounded by friends, children joy­fully dis­cover the rhythm of learn­ing at school. Chil­dren learn that the small­est hands are capa­ble of amaz­ing things. Days are filled with stories, outside play, singing, and mak­ing glo­ri­ous messes.

Goals include the continued development of socialization and independence in a nurturing environment, and integration of family and school within a Jewish context. Additionally the program helps the children form a positive Jewish self-image and provide stimuli and opportunities for growth and development in social, cognitive, intellectual, and physical skills.

3-5 year olds, Koala / Panda Class
(Kitah Koala / Kitah Panda)

Every day we learn something new! 3-6 year olds spend their days, through hands-on learning to create deep connections to Jewish values with everything they do and become life-long learners.

In a typical morning of a 3-6 year; children…

  • Engage in construction, sensory, and imaginative play.
  • Share experiences and collaborate ideas.
  • Explore scientific method and reasoning.
  • Practice independent life skills (for example, cleaning up, dressing, and problem solving).
  • Become inspired to further their cognitive, language, social / emotional and physical development

Every Moment is a Jewish Moment

Jewish values, Jewish holidays, Israeli dancing and culture, are integrated throughout the curriculum every day. Community wide celebrations are scheduled throughout the school year. Hebrew is introduced in the classroom informally through songs, movement and games.

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