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Chametz Form 2020

Dear Friends,

The Festival of Pesach provides us with an opportunity to perform TWO special Mitzvot. Please take a moment to complete both forms below and return them to my attention at your earliest convenience. These forms are also available online at Your contributions will be distributed through my Discretionary Fund to local causes as well as international initiatives. May this Pesach truly be a time of freedom and prosperity for all!

Todah Rabbah,
Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose

Mitzvah #1: Maot Chittim (Special Passover Gifts for those in Need)

At this time of year, we remember those who are less fortunate, especially as we prepare to sit down to lavish meals as part of our Pesach Seder experiences. It is customary, therefore, to contribute funds to those in need. At the Seder, we say “Let all who are hungry come in and eat with us.” This invitation can be fulfilled, in part, by donating to Maot Chittim (literally: coins for wheat).

Rabbi Rose: Please accept this contribution to the B’nai Amoona Maot Chittim Fund which assists needy Jews in observing the Pesach holiday here and abroad. Below is my (our) contribution to the Rabbi Rose Discretionary Fund to be distributed on my (our) behalf to individuals & organizations which are helping all Jews observe Pesach with dignity and joy.
Mitzvah #2: Mechirat Chametz (Selling of Chametz)

The sale of Chametz is conducted between a representative of the Shul, the Senior Rabbi, and a non-Jew. After Pesach, the Chametz is repurchased by the Rabbi. If you would like Rabbi Rose to sell your Chametz, please fill out the form below.

Please be sure to sell your Chametz no later than Wednesday, April 8 immediately following morning Minyan.

I, do hereby authorize Rabbi Rose as an agent of Congregation B’nai Amoona, St. Louis, Missouri, to act on my behalf to sell, transfer and assign all Chametz of whatever kind and wherever situated in my residence or my business or any other place without reservation or limitation.

All the aforesaid Chametz is to be sold to a non-Jew who is to have free access to the Chametz acquired by him or her. I further state that the Chametz covered by the agreement will be stored away and not used by me during the period commencing no later than 10:30 am on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, and ending no earlier than 8:10 pm on Thursday, April 16, 2020.

Below is my donation to the Rabbi Rose Discretionary Fund as it is my (our) intention to transfer my (our) Chametz to Rabbi Rose.

Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780