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Sisterhood: Mishloach Manot 2022

Share the joy of Purim with a gift of Mishloach Manot delivered to all Sisterhood members' homes by a Sisterhood member.

The book of Esther teaches us that during Purim we are commanded to feast, to send food to each other, and to give gifts of food or money to the poor.

How Do I Participate?
1. Every Sisterhood member will receive a Mishloach Manot gift.
2. Be a sponsor and your name will be included on the card for all Sisterhood members and the Klei Kodesh.
3. Purchase extra Mishloach Manot gifts for friends and family.

This Purim Fundraiser is also our 2021-22 Mitzvah project. Your generous donation enables Sisterhood to provide funding to many of B'nai Amoona's programs.

Questions? Contact Barb Rosenfield at

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ie Jane Smith 314-555-1234
Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782