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REB SIMCHA RAPHAEL, Ph.D. is Founding Director of DA’AT INSTITUTE for Death Awareness, Advocacy and Training, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Religion and Theology at LaSalle University, and works as a psychotherapist and spiritual director in Philadelphia. Ordained by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi as a Rabbinic Pastor, he is a member of the Rabbis Without Borders Network, and author of numerous publications including the groundbreaking classic Jewish Views of the Afterlife.

Friday, June 7
The Sammy Goldman Family Shabbat Experience - 6:00 pm
Come join us for a Shabbat Service and experience that will create a wonderful bridge between Shabbat at home and Shul!
Followed by a complimentary dinner - Reservations for this dinner are now closed. Please contact Andy Schwebel at 314-576-9990 x106.
Discussion following dinner with Reb Simcha Raphael: Jacob’s Deathbed Finale: Family Drama & End-of-Life Trauma & Healing
Surrounded by family, Jacob’s life comes to end. In “being gathered to his people” we learn from him how to face death with openness and with a wonder about the world beyond.

Shabbat, June 8
Torah for Today - 10:15 am
Moses’ Death and Sacred Stages of the Mystery of Dying
Exploration and discussion of Moses’ end-of-life journey as described in Torah and Midrash.

Sermonette - 11:45 am
The Other Worldly Mystery of the Mishkan
This morning we read of the tribes gathering at Sinai. We will discover a mystery of connection with the world beyond at the center of the tribal gathering

Tikkun Leil Shavuot
Exploring the Afterlife Journey of the Soul in Kabbalah - This study session is part of our West County Community Tikkun Leil Shavuot at Traditional Congregation. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Sunday, June 9
Shavuot I Services - 9:00 am
Transcending Trauma - Mythic Dimensions of the Book of Ruth
Traditionally read at Shavuot, the Book of Ruth is a tale of women who overcame the reality of grief and loss. Ruth and Naomi are models for us in dealing with life and death in our times.

Monday, June 10
Shavuot II Services - 9:00 am
From Mega-Mourning to Soul-Guiding: The History and Mystery of Yizkor
In preparing to recite Yizkor, we shall learn about the historical evolution of Yizkor liturgy and how our saying of Yizkor is a prayer connecting the living to souls in the world beyond.

Reb Simcha Raphael's visit to B'nai Amoona was made possible through the generous support of Paul & Diane Gallant 

Shavuot at Congregation B’nai Amoona is generously sponsored by Sue Barad in memory of Melvin Barad (Z”L) and Morris Funk (Z”L).

Todah Rabbah to the Rosenblatt Family, Mark Heller, and Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in the Delmar Loop for their sponsorship of our delicious Shavuot ice cream sundaes.

The RSVP's for this evening are closed. For any questions, please contact Andy at 314-576-9990 x106.


Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780