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In-Person Shabbat Services

We are excited to begin holding in-person Shabbat Morning Services for our congregational family beginning on October 17. Registration will be open to BA members on Shabbat Mornings when a Bar or Bat Mitzvah will not be taking place. All services will be held  only in the Main Sanctuary, as this will allow for adequate social distancing. Services will be conducted under the rigorous health and safety rules and procedures set forth by our Reopening Task Force, which are outlined  below. We kindly request that every member of our Shul read and review these rules and procedures carefully. Shabbat Morning Services will ALSO continue to be available via our Livestream and Facebook Live. 


  • Each Service will be limited to no more than 100 individuals.  Please note: the weekly registration deadline is Thursday at Noon prior to each Shabbat. If a date is filled, please sign up for the wait list and we will contact you if we receive a cancellation.
  • At this time, we are unable to offer babysitting or children's programming. It is suggested that children only attend if they are able to remain with you in the Sanctuary for the duration of the Service.

  • We are counting on the members of our Holy Community to be responsible both for their own health and for the health of others when determining if it is safe to attend an in-person Service. People who are in high-risk categories due to age, medical conditions, compromised immunity, etc. are encouraged not to attend at this time. High-risk categories include those over the age of 80 (acknowledging that studies have shown those over 65 are also at risk; our committee believes that over 80 is the highest risk); cardiovascular disease; chronic kidney disease; diabetes; hypertension; cancer; chronic lung disease; sickle cell anemia; obesity; immunocompromised state (transplant, HIV; or immune deficiency of any sort). If you are pregnant or have blood disorders, please contact your personal physician to ensure it is permissible for you to attend.

  • If you are not feeling well, or exhibit any of symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, or have recently been exposed to anyone who has, please do not attend.


  • We will begin with a brief health screening at 8:45 am at our Main door. Services begin promptly at 9:00 am, and we are unable to accommodate late arrivals. 

  • All attendees will be seated by our BA staff or volunteers to ensure social distancing, and are required to wear face masks the entire time they are in the building. All attendees must bring their own masks, as the synagogue will not have them available.

  • Please bring your own Tallitot and Kippot as they will not be readily available at this time. However, Siddurim and Chumashim will be available and rotated between services. Please refrain from kissing the Mezuzot upon entry or the Torah Scrolls when they are marched around the Shul.

  • We kindly request that you wait for our Klei Kodesh to invite your row to leave the Sanctuary at the conclusion of our Davenning. 

  • Restrooms will be open, but limited to use by one person at a time. Please be patient if the restrooms are in use.

As stated above, we are counting on our BA family members to be responsible for their own health and for the health of others when determining if it is safe to attend an in-person Service. Again, if you are not feeling well, are exhibiting any of the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, or have recently been exposed to anyone who has, please do not attend. Thank you!

Registration for B'nai Amoona's In-Person &  Shabbat Services in February, March, and April 2021 are now open!

If you have not already completed the B'nai Amoona - Covid-19 Waiver - Click here!

Please note: you only need to fill out the form once in a 365 day period. 

   Shabbat 2/6 - 10 of 40 Left
   Shabbat 2/13 - 35 of 40 Left
   Shabbat 3/13 - 37 of 75 Left
   Shabbat 3/20 - 37 of 75 Left
   Shabbat 3/27 - 52 of 75 Left
   Passover Day 1 - March 28 - 70 of 75 Left
   Passover Day 2 - March 29 - 65 of 75 Left
   Passover Day 7 (Shabbat) - April 3 - 60 of 100 Left
   Passover Day 8 - April 4 - 83 of 100 Left
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Sat, April 10 2021 28 Nisan 5781