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Shabbat Shirah, literally the Shabbat of Song, coincides with the Torah reading of Parashat B’shallach in which we chant Moses’ Song at the Sea as well as Miriam’s song, in celebration of crossing the Sea of Reeds after leaving Egypt. The Haftarah, the selection from Prophets that morning, is Devorah’s Song. Hence the name, Shabbat of Song. This year, Shabbat Shirah is January 19, 2019. Please join us in the North Banquet Hall at 8:30 am for coffee, a light breakfast, and Schmoozing. Services will begin at 9:00 am

Click here for a little FAQ about Shabbat Shirah!

Shabbat Shirah Melodies


Psalm 92 Mah Gad'lu Rabbi Shefa Gold
Psalm 150 Halleluyah to Yom Zeh M'chubad
Shochein Ad Joey Weisenberg
Yotzeir Or Ein Od melody
Shacharit Kedushah Eitan Katz L'maancha
Hu Eloheinu - L'dor Vador Yom Shabbaton melody
Joy Cometh in the Morning Debbie Friedman with Ps 30


Other Shabbat favorites


Musaf Kedushah Ki Eshmera Shabbat
Ashrei Nava Tehila Tov L'hodot melody
L'dor Vador Sephardic Kol Dodi
Mim'komo Ani Y'sheina
Niggun Shevet Achim Nava Tehila
Psalm 30 Ba'erev Yalin Bechi Nava Tehila Shevet Achim
Sim Shalom Ufros Aleinu


Fri, March 22 2019 15 Adar II 5779